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Darlene Heath
88 Westland Way
Delaware, OH 43015
Appalachian Heritage Huntin' and Pickin' album cover
Huntin' and Pickin'
©2007 Appalachian Heritage.
  1. Molly and Tenbrooks
  2. Sittin' On Top of the World speaker
  3. The Crime I Didn't Do
  4. Caught in a Crossfire
  5. How Mountain Girls Can Love
  6. Little Willie
  7. Redwood Hill speaker
  8. Mountain Dew
  9. Walk the Way the Wind Blows
  10. Love Please Come Home
  11. Groundhog (Refried)
  12. Old Joe Clark speaker

COBA Bluegrass Showcase Volume 1 album cover
COBA Bluegrass Showcase, Volume 1
©2007 Central Ohio Bluegrass Association, Inc.
  1. Same Old Song (Big Red and the Wagoneers)
  2. Cindy (Brad Williams with Just Bluegrass) speaker
  3. Molly Rose (Country Grass)
  4. Dancing with the Angels (Newgrass Station)
  5. Old Bill (Frosty Morning)
  6. Groundhog (Appalachian Heritage)
  7. These Things I Pray (Tradin' Up)
  8. Wayfaring Stranger (Spanky Moore Bluegrass Band)
  9. Putney's Run (Dixie Ryders)
  10. Cryin' Holy (Sterling Bluegrass Boys)
  11. Modern Funeral (Ed Samons and Plum Run)
  12. Shady Grove (Lonesome Meadow)
  13. I Looked Down the River (Grassahol)
  14. Sugar Coated Love (Ramblin' Rose)
  15. Musician's Prayer (New Jerusalem Bluegrass)
  16. Face Like an Angel (Country Grass)
  17. Home Free (Big Red and the Wagoneers)
  18. Glasgow (Brad Williams with Just Bluegrass) speaker

Appalachian Heritage Thinking of Home album cover
Thinking of Home
©2005 Appalachian Heritage.
  1. Cold Winds
  2. It Takes One to Know One
  3. Sunny Side of the Mountain
  4. Climbing Up the Mountain speaker
  5. Groundhog
  6. The Book, ©2005 Toni Shutts and Tom Hale
  7. Touch of God's Hand
  8. Old Home Place speaker
  9. Legend of Maudie Dawson
  10. Will You Miss Me speaker