Meet the Band

Tom Hale

Tom "Groundhog" Hale
Guitar and Vocals

Tom has been playing the same 1973 D-28 Martin guitar, given to him by his dad, since the day he picked it up at the ripe old age of 9. He played rhythm guitar for many years, but has grown as a lead guitarist as well. He attributes this to many many hours sitting on the couch of his mentor former Clinch Mountain Boy, Renfro Proffitt, watching, trying, and learning. Along with his brother, Gary, Tom was one of the founding members of Appalachian Heritage. Since that time, he emerged as the lead singer of the group and likes to sing the Stanley Brothers classics most of all. Playing bluegrass music is his one true love.

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Brad Williams

Brad Williams
Mandolin and Vocals

In 1997 after years of playing loud electric Rock-n-Roll, fate reunited Brad with an old friend and guitar student who had discovered the joy and excitement of playing purely acoustic and bluegrass music. He picked up the mandolin and never looked back. He has recorded and performed with the Fire House String band, Faces Made for Radio, Doug Justice and Sweetwater, and the Just Bluegrass Band. He has shared the stage with countless national acts including Ralph Stanley, Sam Bush, and David Grisman. He has played on every continent in the world, except Australia. He is glad to be home playing traditional bluegrass right here in central Ohio. Check out Brad's latest solo project at and at Apple ITunes.

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Darlene (Hale) Heath

Darlene "Thumper" (Hale) Heath
Bass Fiddle and Vocals

Rounding out the trio of siblings in the group, Darlene picked up the bass fiddle for the first time in 2003. She grew up listening to the family band and when she started playing, she felt like she had finally found where she belonged. After some coaxing, Darlene started singing some harmony vocals with the band and after a lot more coaxing does some of the lead singing as well. Darlene loves to spend time working on projects in the studio and loves playing live even more. She is honored to be playing with a group of such talented musicians.

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Gary Hale

Gary "G" Hale

Gary picked up his first guitar to play bluegrass gospel music with the Hale Family band in the mid-70's. He played with his parents, Arnold and Marie Hale, and as time went on he started picking up on the banjo. Arnold started showing him a few licks on the dobro and he carried on from there. Gary was one of the founders of Appalachian Heritage in 1996. He played banjo for the group until 2006 when he switched to playing the dobro. Growing up in southwestern Virginia with a view of Clinch Mountain inspired him to love the old traditional bluegrass favorites and that is still the music he loves the most.

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Donna Walker and Diane Sargent

Donna "DW" Walker & Diane "Sis" Sargent
Sound Technicians

Donna and Diane have been running the sound for Appalachian Heritage for several years and not only provide the sound equipment, but a place to practice as well.

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